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"...writes and sings about the better side of life; a pleasant alternative to many of his contemporaries." - Sing Out

Bruce lives in Glenrothes in Fife, on the east coast of Scotland, about 20 miles from St. Andrews, the "Home of Golf."

He is a singer whose style is very accessible, yet unique, blending the words and melodies of Scotland and beyond with harmonic influences that betray his Welsh ancestry. His love of the great folk songwriters of the 60's to the present day is also apparent in his presentation and choice of music and his warm, rich voice and sympathetic 6 & 12 string acoustic guitar technique have received much critical acclaim.

A former winner of the prestigious Edinburgh Folk Club Song-writing competition, Bruce was known for many years as an interpreter of great songs by great writers. However, his own songs now sit happily alongside those of "the greats" in his performances.

His enthusiasm for the works of Robert Burns, his knowledge and ability to express the history and music of Scotland as it relates to the rest of the world (particularly North America), combined with his witty introductions and friendly manner, make him a complete performer.

Beginning in April 2012, he took on the role of host and singer at "Jamie's Scottish Evening" at the King James Hotel, Edinburgh. The show runs from April to the end of October and is the longest running show in Scotland.

Audiences as diverse as Burns Suppers, Folk Clubs, Highland Games, Coffeehouses, Hospitals, Churches, Schools, Colleges and Retirement Homes/Villages have all enjoyed his music and style during his twenty-eight years as a professional performer. Repeat visits are the norm, not the exception. Of the many highlights in his career, he regards his two concerts at the United Nations, New York as particularly special.

"It's best to light a candle, than stand and curse the dark," words from Canadian singer-songwriter, James Keelaghan's song, Hold Your Ground , sum up Bruce's attitude to life and to his craft. He sings songs that move him, and passionately wants his audiences to find the same "magic" as he has found in them.

He has made many TV appearances at home and abroad (including half hour "specials" in California and Washington DC). Prior to engaging in such a busy schedule as a performer, he was the presenter of 2 weekly shows on local radio.

He has six albums currently available, the most recent being a 'Live' Celebration of his 30 years on the road. His other albums include two compilations of re-mastered and re-mixed Scottish songs as well as newly recorded music, “..till a' the seas gang dry...” and "Roads & Miles". Another compilation is "Hand Picked", featuring (as with "Then and Now" and "Livin' to Love, Lovin' to Live”) original compositions and songs written by his friends and heroes - songs he wishes he’d written! For more about Bruce's CD's and songs, click the Music tab.

Work in the UK

  • Host and featured male singer at The Spirit of Scotland Show, Edinburgh. (From 2015)
  • Host and featured singer at Jamie's Scottish Evening, The King James Hotel, Edinburgh. (For three years)
  • Eleven years' work in various Shearings Hotels
  • Four years' residency in the Dormy House at Gleneagles Hotel
  • Scottish Nights at the Hilton Craigendarroch Hotel (for over twenty years)
  • Family shows at the Crieff Hydro Hotel and many other top-class hotels
  • Conference and corporate entertainment for overseas and UK-based business clients
  • Work in hospitals, hospices and residential homes for the elderly etc. with Music in Hospitals, Age Concern, The New Makars Trust and Artlink
  • Burns' Suppers and St. Andrew's Nights
  • Workshops on songwriting, in schools and community projects (often in association with The New Makars Trust)
  • Workshops performing/presentation techniques for acoustic musicians (in association with Local Authorities and Folk Music Associations)
  • Performances in most of the Scottish Folk Clubs and many in the English Folk Scene
  • Appearances in Churches of many denominations
  • Produced and performed on recordings of many other artists, including :- The McCalmans (Bass player on 'Ancestral Manoeuvres') , Harvey Andrews (Co-producer with Harvey and Mike Silver on 'The Gift', plus instrumentalist on 2 songs on 'The Journey' and Producer/Arranger/Musician on 'Encore' and engineer and bass player on 'Life - A Harvey Andrews Collection'), Peter Nardini (instrumentalist on demo recordings), Nell Hannah (producer/musician) and Scottish Tourist Board (Producer/scriptwriter/musician)
  • Fiddlers' Rallies and various other shows in the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy; King's Theatre, Glasgow; Gaiety Theatre, Ayr; Caird Hall, Dundee; Perth Theatre and many other theatres, Town Halls, and Village Halls throughout Scotland

Work Abroad

  • 28 tours in the USA.
  • Burns' Suppers (singing, addressing the haggis and the "Immortal Memory") in Nigeria and much of the USA
  • Taking part in Trade Exhibitions in Bavaria
  • As featured entertainer for CFPC in Jamaica.
  • Concerts in top U.S. venues; e.g. Wolftrap (with John McCutcheon), Vienna, VA; Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA; Bluebird Café (songwriters-in-the-round), Nashville, TN; Godfrey Daniels (solo and with Bill Staines ), Bethlehem, PA; United Nations (2 solo concerts), New York; etc.
  • Appearances in Churches of many denominations
  • Concerts in Retirement villages for the elderly and sick
  • House concerts for Folk Song Societies, businesses and private individuals.
  • Workshops on songwriting and performing/presentation techniques at Festivals and Colleges.
  • Two weeks as Artist in Residence in Dubuque, IA.
  • Work with Bread and Roses in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and homes for the elderly
  • Festivals in Richmond, VA; Fair Hill, MD; Chino, CA; Elizabethtown, PA, Gatlinburg, TN; Huntersville, NC and Red Springs, NC etc.

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